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New course - Academic Resilience Approach - Fighting for Young People’s Mental Health and empowering young minds


What do students like about Academic Resilience in High Schools?

  • It helped me to get my feelings out and talk about them
  • I’ve learned it’s ok to talk to people – adults in school and at home
  • It’s made me more confident…it made me feel I belong



  • Training will cover:
  • What is the Academic Resilience Approach? - Ethos of approach and resources
  • How do schools improve results through an Academic Resilience Approach?
  • Which pupils do we focus on?
  • Parental involvement
  • Exploration of the Resiliency Framework
  • - Belonging Building good relationships with staff, peers, parents, Locating strengths, Healthy relationships, Finding people you can count on, Making sense of where we come from, Making friends and mixing
  • - Coping Being Brave, Solving Problems, Calming and self–soothing, Fostering self belief , Facing everyday challenge
  • - Core self Who students are, Personal strengths, Developing empathy, Developing self awareness, trying out different things.
  • Feedback from a local High School Pilot
  • Sharing learning, problem solving, getting organised. Opportunities for further development work, e.g. supervision, drop-in sessions, supporting schools in introducing parents to Academic Resiliency etc. 



  • Build Capacity in our High Schools
  • Understand the Resilience Framework
  • Tap into free online resources and videos
  • Be able to work effectively with young people and their families
  • Meet more the D of E ‘Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools’ objectives



High School Heads, SMT, Pastoral Heads, SENCos, Student Support services, High School ELSAs  


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29 Oct 2019

Psychology Service
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